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What is Falifornia?

What on earth is Falifornia?

Falifornia is where my story begins...

Aged 20, I turned south and set off towards the Cornish coast. At university in Falmouth, I kept hearing this strange word thrown around and soon realised it was the nickname students gave to our beautiful Cornish campus. It's as close as the UK is going to get to the California dream - there's just a lot more rain. 

Nevertheless, with surfing before lectures in the morning and beach BBQs in the evening, Falifornia was more than just a nickname, it was a lifestyle we were lucky enough to live as students on the coast.

Like many of you reading this, I fell in love with this lifestyle and in my second year, I bought the Falifornia trade mark and set out on a journey to turn this name into a brand.