The Apprentice Episode 1: Antigua

The Apprentice Episode 1: Antigua

Episode 1: Antigua

Project Manager

What an awesome start to the season. We were shipped off to Antigua in the Caribbean to run a tour guiding experience. My one strategic objective when joining the process was to avoid being project manager in the first task because of the elevated risk of being fired. However, when the tumble weed was rolling down the beach, I decided to step up to the plate and lead the team. I went for it and looking back thank God I did! The boys went on to win the first task for the first time in six years and I am incredibly proud to have project managed them to that victory.


The Negotiation 

The negotiation was tough and actually went on for about half an hour in the baking Caribbean sun. They started off at $200 per person and we managed to get them down to $75 which I thought was a good deal. In the boardroom Lord Sugar mentioned that I felt it would be disrespectful to push them even further and it’s true, I’m happy to admit I value integrity over greed. It was a UNESCO world heritage site where all profits went to charity. So after half an hour of negotiation I decided $75 gave us enough margin to win the task and luckily it did.

The Tour

We had so much fun on the tour and I’m gutted you didn’t get to see all of it - there was so much more that didn’t make it to the screen. We had a big lunch for the guests and brought in a band where they all had a chance to play on the instruments and learn about local music. I’ll be the first to admit that it was a dream come to true to have Gregory on the team. How perfect is it to have a canon expert with us to talk about Cannons. Thanks for bailing out Greg! 


Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this start. I thought the boys worked incredibly well together and played to each others strengths well. The sales team absolutely smashed it and I thought they did a fantastic job on the rum tasting. 

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